Welcome to the Blog for Pemberton First. We're interested in helping to preserve the rural character of Pemberton Township that we have all come to love...join us as we petition the Township officials trying to change it.

Our Mission Statement:

The consequences of farmland development are a greater burden placed upon natural resources, increased demand on water supplies, increased housing density, congested roadways and a higher demand on all municipal services. Once we lose our farmland it's gone for good. Pemberton First is committed to encouraging the redevelopment and improvement of our neighborhoods and revitilization of the Browns Mills Town Center.

Town Center

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Farm or Strip Mall?

Pemberton Voice is hosting a poll about the proposed North Pemberton Town Center, click on the link to vote.

Pemberton Voice Poll

How Will Our Septic & Sewer Be Changed?


The state has adopted new rules that affect all of us and how our sewerage (public & private septic) will be handled. Please take a look at the new rules by visiting the DEP website.

New Rules